Tour de Manc set to come back this summer Bigger and Better

The non-profit event, that raises funds for charities and promotes fitness through cycling, Tour de Manc, that officially launched last year, is set to take place this summer in the first weekend of June.

Tour de Manc was inspired by a similar event called Tour de Yorkshire when it came to the north-west a couple of years ago and intends to be bigger than the previous year with the main event scheduled to take place on Sunday the 4th of June.


For the first time, in response to disabled people’s requests to take part in the rides, Tour de Manc has organised a disability ride that will take place on the 3rd with the help of organisations like Wheels for All, who have provided facilities and adapted equipment to make the rides accessible for everyone.

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Danny Franks – Photo by Inside Manchester

Co-founder of Tour de Manc, Danny Franks said: “We are doing the event on Saturday because we believe Tour de Manc should be accessible for all, there shouldn’t be disparity”.

“There are disabled people that want to take part in the event, but can’t do the 100 miles this is the reason why we made this ride available to them. It’s all about creating equal opportunities”.

Tameside Council, who have been involved in the ride since the first year are also sponsoring and supporting the event this summer and will be providing food and drinks at the first stop on the route which is at Werneth Low.

Tameside council chief executive, Steven Pleasant said that the council is happy to take part in the event as they know the impact cycling can have in making people healthier.

The disability ride will be held at the Tameside closed circuit and will begin by 10.30 am

The main event on Sunday, which is the 100-mile ride will require ticket holders to have trained for the event and to have the right nutrition although things like water, cake and fruits will be provided on the routes. The event will start at 7.30 am and it will take up to eight hours for the course to be completed.

Tour de Manc is set to be tougher than last year that was a 100km route. It will begin in the Lancashire Health and Rackets Club in Middleton and will then head towards Salford and Old Trafford and many more areas to the final stop back in Middleton.

Click below to listen to co-founder, Danny Frank, talk about the full route that will be taken in detail:

The money raised by the tour will be supporting charities such as HaTS (Haematology and Transplant Support) and Forever Manchester (which aids community causes), of which Mr. Franks is an ambassador and many others.

The Tour de Manc aims to change people’s attitudes towards cycling and getting more people to cycle in Greater Manchester as there are health benefits and it could also reduce traffic and congestion in the city.

Danny Franks said “We want Greater Manchester to become the number one place to cycle. I believe we focus a lot on cars and trams, but we should also consider riders and pedestrian in order to create a shared space”.


A cycle themed after party will be held following the ride at the Lancashire Health and Racquets club offering entertainment, hot food and drinks.

For further information or to register visit or send an email to


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